Agadon Anthracite Deluxe Valve set – 15mm Corner – Anthracite


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Agadon Anthracite TRV Valve Setnn* Sold as a pack including the lock shieldnn* Standard 15mm connectionnn* 2 Years Warranty GuaranteennAnthracite is Ral colour 7016 so please note if you are ordering a radiator in the colour Anthracite S2 it will not be an exact match.nn3 types:nnAnglednnFor use on most vertical radiators and radiators with connections below where the pipe goes to the wallnnStraightnnFor use on radiators with connections below when the pipe goes to the floornnCornernnFor use in place of angled valves on vertical fitting side connections to keep the trv vertical and minimise pipeworknnUsual delivery 1-3 days